Double Feature :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Drops A Duo Of Film-Based YouTube Videos

Recently, the homie Big Black Guy Reviews and myself decided to tackle a review of the Richard Pryor classic Bustin’ Loose in the wake of Cicely Tyson‘s passing.  Ironically, what started as a quick examination of a seemingly light-hearted Pryor offering not only sent us down a number of rabbit holes, but ended up taking so long that it became bookended by the passing of Richard Pryor collaborator and friend Paul Mooney… and once you hit the end of the video, you’ll realize the madness is far from done.

With that collaboration under the belt, not to mention a number of projects outside of the film realm being wrapped up or nearing completion, I turned my attention back to the DOOMonFILM YouTube channel and decided to produce a re-entry video of sorts.  Rather than jumping headlong back into some crazy observation or theory video, I decided it might be beneficial to share a short list of films that I currently would hold as my top ten, and thus, my latest DOOMonFILM entry was created : 

If you enjoy either of the videos (or maybe even both), then like them up, comment then up and share them around! If you’re really into what we’re putting down, then don’t hesitate to subscribe to Big Black Guy ReviewsYouTube channel and DOOMonFILM, and as always, support your local and independent creatives!



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