Vice Redefined :: MC Homeless And Friends Drop ‘Sex & Death: The Remixes’


When MC Homeless dropped the single for his Guerilla Ghost remix of The Depression Swag (with a guest verse by Bad Graphics Ghost) a ways back, it piqued my interest, as his original incarnation of the Sex & Death project was already unique, quality work.  The remix, however, is an aesthetic that has taken a backseat in the world of hip-hop culture, so it’s nice to see MC Homeless embrace the practice of a remix album wholeheartedly.  Guerilla Ghost does the lion’s share of remix work, with C Money Burns and Riddlore each contributing a song to the project as well.  AWOL ONE and Rozanne Combs also join Bad Graphics Ghost on the list of guests.  The songs have an entirely different, ethereal feel to them this go round, providing fresh perspective on an already quality project.  Check it out for yourself on your favorite streaming service, or just cop it direct from the Bandcamp link above!



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