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Weird Therapy :: Weird Rap Releases ‘Interdependence’ Benefit Compilation


From the digital desk of Weird Rap :

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is a collectively-run, decentralized volunteer network supporting marginalized communities during crises, including the current COVID-19 pandemic, by providing resources, boosting local efforts, and sharing knowledge and skills.  Acting as an autonomy, with a loosely-based, adaptable structure, alone or with other groups, MADR is able to focus and maximize its energy, efficiently responding to events as needed while avoiding pitfalls of traditionally-structured non-profits.  The principle of “solidarity, not charity” means that actions are based on the stated needs of the communities it serves, working cooperatively rather than administering from above.

Weird Rap explores the exceptional, unusual, or otherwise “weird” currents of rap music, new & old.  Across various platforms, we seek to nurture discussion, share new and old music releases, and spread general awareness of out-of-the-ordinary rap artists.  Aside from social media, we host Weird Rap TV on YouTube, Weird Rap Radio on Spotify, r/WeirdRap on Reddit, and Weird Rap Records on Bandcamp, with a podcast currently in the works.

In cooperation with fellow underground hip hop labels Audio Recon and Hecticrecs, Weird Rap’s Interdependence compilation is Weird Rap’s first full-length music release.  A response to the pandemic we all know and hate, 100% of its profits are being donated to Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, supporting their efforts around COVID-19 and future disasters.

With the generosity of the artists involved, we’ve hand-picked what we consider to be an amazing array of exclusive music including experimental rap pioneers : Kool Keith and Rammellzee, art rap legends Awol One, Beans, MC Paul Barman, Mike Ladd, Mestizo and Staplemouth, and contemporary mavericks Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice, Clipping, cunabear, Duncecap, Lil Ghostwriter, Mr. Yote and War Church.’



Vice Redefined :: MC Homeless And Friends Drop ‘Sex & Death: The Remixes’


When MC Homeless dropped the single for his Guerilla Ghost remix of The Depression Swag (with a guest verse by Bad Graphics Ghost) a ways back, it piqued my interest, as his original incarnation of the Sex & Death project was already unique, quality work.  The remix, however, is an aesthetic that has taken a backseat in the world of hip-hop culture, so it’s nice to see MC Homeless embrace the practice of a remix album wholeheartedly.  Guerilla Ghost does the lion’s share of remix work, with C Money Burns and Riddlore each contributing a song to the project as well.  AWOL ONE and Rozanne Combs also join Bad Graphics Ghost on the list of guests.  The songs have an entirely different, ethereal feel to them this go round, providing fresh perspective on an already quality project.  Check it out for yourself on your favorite streaming service, or just cop it direct from the Bandcamp link above!


False Phases :: MC Homeless Drops Remix For ‘The Depression Swag’


Later this month, MC Homeless has plans on dropping a bomb in the form of a remix EP for his recent release Sex & Death.  The album has quite the cast for such a tight-knit collection of songs : Guerilla GhostC Money Burns and the legendary Riddlore pull up for production duties, while Bad Graphics GhostRozanne Combs and the prolific AWOL ONE drop guest verses.  The album is currently up for pre-order, and your reservation gets you the Guerilla Ghost remix of The Depression Swag in all of its electronically lush glory.  Definitely support this project by pre-ordering and encouraging others to do the same, which allows MC Homeless and cats of his ilk to continue blurring the boundaries and limitations created by staunch genre application.


Fair Warning :: Three Headed Dragon Comes Together For ‘Movement’


Evolve has always got something dope up his sleeve, and this time, it’s a crew dubbed Three Headed Dragon, comprised of himself, Mic Melt and Palm Leaf Skylines.  For Movement (a banger produced by John Henry), the crew perfectly encapsulates the essence of the AWOL ONE cover art for their upcoming release Stand Alone Different Evolve hits folks with stab after lyrical stab, Mic Melt assaults listeners verbally with high energy and powerful bars, and Palm Leaf Skylines delivers the lyrical version of sweet science by taking the verse apart piece by piece in a calculated manner.  If this lead single is any indication of the project as a whole, I can’t wait for it to drop.  In the mean time, support this single by purchasing it and sharing it around so folks can get hip.


Statement Raps :: Evolve’s ‘I AM LYRICIST/SWOLLEN PENS’

We were less than an hour into 2015 when Evolve unleashed a megablast.  Terms like ‘Album Of The Year’ normally shouldn’t be thrown around before I’ve had my first lunch of the new year, but I AM LYRICIST/SWOLLEN PENS will definitely be in the argument come December 2015.  Evolve has never been a slouch with the bars or the beat selection, and this album is a giant step in his current trajectory.  Featuring a who’s who of production credits, including Maker, Progeny, and the almighty KRS-ONE, plus a dope cover from the homie AWOL-ONE, don’t front on this album.


SXSW Invasion :: Pawn Takes King 2012

(click the picture)

PAWN TAKES KING 2012Free Indie Hip-Hop and Beat Festival (SAT/3.17.12)

Pawn Shop Entertainment & 33 1/3 Clothing Company present the 2nd annual PAWN TAKES KING festival!!!

A FREE , ALL AGES festival featuring 2 stages full of the dopest in experimental hip-hop, beats, electronic, and more. Plus a big graffiti exhibition for your visual pleasure.

Busdriver . Awol One & Factor . Ceschi . Dark Time Sunshine . Blue Sky Black Death with Nacho Picasso . The Locksmiths . Paranoid Castle . Grey Sky Appeal . Esh the Monolith . Brainbusters (MC Homeless & Joey Alpha) . Moe Pope . Ecid . Brzowski . PremRock & Willie Green . SelfSays . HW . Wide Eyes . Shane Hall . JE Double F . Greenlander . Icebox . Cainam . Who MI?

Zavala . Maker . Lazerbeak (Doomtree) . Edison . Void Pedal . Crushcon7 . Cozmos . Maintain . Trust . Taskam38 . pOSH . soundfounder . Ntropy . Lo Phi . Kinder . Jawa . MFKNRMX . BoomBaptist . Hobo D . 4th Wall . Kid Slyce . C More . Haris . Swindles


Plus special guests to be announced later!!!

The Metropolis:
Metropolis is a really cool apartment complex in the East Riverside neighborhood of Austin. They cater to musicians and artist types and provide a chill atmosphere for people to live, create, and party. The show is in the center of the complex, where there is a pool and volleyball court. The pool area has a stage and some BBQ pits as well. The 2nd stage will be on the other side of the building, in a roped off parking lot. The volleyball court becomes our graffiti exhibition area.


Brought to you with the help of these great people:

Pawn Shop Entertainment : 33 1/3 Clothing Company : Movin’ Decibels : Metropolis Apartments : Fake Four Inc. : Fieldwerk Recordings  : Exploded Drawing : Applied Pressure : Milled Pavement Records