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Walled In :: MC Homeless Drops ‘Home’ Single Courtesy Of Triple Eye Industries


If home is where the heart is, then MC Homeless seemingly exists to contort that concept wholly and totally.  For the ironically titled HomeMC Homeless uses that familiarity as a way to explore the idea of facing your fears with an unflinching approach.  Over an eerie track produced by Tron Jovi of Guerrilla Ghost, and with an assist by guest vocalist Katana da Don, listeners find themselves being pulled into the sonic dark pit created by MC Homeless and company, and with the level of stimuli and engagement presented, they deep dive willingly.  For those that dig dark, alternative hip-hop, Home is a bit like Christmas in July, so don’t sleep on this one.


Painful Reality :: Ryan Darbonne Brings Darkness To Light Via ‘Died Screaming’ Visual

In the wake of Space Camp Death Squad splintering off into the exploration of their own creative ventures, it was cool to see Ryan Darbonne push forward as a director, and though we often spoke of music, I wondered what his next musical steps would be.  After the hilariously entertaining Dem Beach Boys video, it appeared obvious that his penchant for storytelling (both visually and narratively) would be a focus moving forward, but I had no warning or prior knowledge of his plans for the recently released Died Screaming.  What I do know, however, is that both the song and the video made a serious impact on me, and it feels like a 25th hour contender for video of the year.  There’s a lot going on in this one, and rather than hear me deep dive into this one, I recommend you check it out and share it on your own.  Definitely don’t forget to like it and leave a comment.  And, as always, support your local creatives.


Verbal Revival :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Calls In Bernichus For ‘Old Time Religion’


I’ve been hard at work on A Memoir Called Noir for a long time.  I’ve probably been working on Old Time Religion for a good 16 months or so.  I knew from the moment this song started to take shape, however, that I wanted Bernichus on the track.  His vocal timbre, wit and delivery, in my opinion, were a perfect match for closing out the track.  Recently, Bernichus laced me with his recorded verse (shout out to Chris Boasso for the engineering assist) and I liked it so much that I decided to leak the track prior to the upcoming release of the full length album (stay tuned for details on that).  If you dig the track, give it a like, share or comment, and hopefully this album lives up to expectations… I’m very happy with it, and ready to share it.