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Video Show :: ‘DOOMpeerREVIEW (Episode 004)’ Now Streaming

The YouTube momentum isn’t stopping anytime soon for Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice.  This week marks Episode 004 of DOOMpeerREVIEW, the weekly music video show featuring a heavy dose of Texas artists from a wide spectrum of styles and influences.  For the latest episode, the lineup is stacked as usual : MC Homeless Chris CondeThird Root with Grupo FantasmaMad1neKydd JonesSpy CoastalBLXPLTNCurbside JonesYNGLDYChuck Duze You F. Oh The Elephant in the Room DMT, and of course, Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice.  If you like the show and want to support it, leave a like and a comment, subscribe to DOOMtubeATX on YouTube, and share the content around for everyone to enjoy!


Vibe Check :: DK Thundah Drops Solo Banger With ‘Eldritch’

DK Thundah of Yngldy is one of those ‘eat, breath and sleep music’ cats, meaning that his sonic creations come fast and furious.  Recently, he did a quick promo run for Eldritch, a futuristic sounding single featuring DK Thundah‘s mixture of swaggy bars and raw, cloud-rap influenced singing.  The song sounds like the kind of track you’d hear opening up a movie, TV show or video game, and I love that about it.  Check this one out on your favorite streaming service or digital storefront, and don’t sleep on the magic of DK Thundah.


Search Continues :: Light Feather And DK Thundah Present ‘Better Way’ Single

My discovery of YNGLDY has been a fruitful one for sure, as it introduced me to producer DK Thundah and his creative world.  Recently, he hooked up with Light Feather for Better Way, a moving mood-setter of a single that combines dream-pop and cloud rap nearly perfectly.  Light Feather‘s vocals and lyrics are chill-inducing, and DK Thundah not only produced an extremely strong background track, but added a very solid guest verse as well.  DK Thundah even took to the internet later to provide a breakdown of how he created the background track :

Check out the single and the beat breakdown, leave likes and comments if you dig, and share it around for others to do the same!


Night Moves :: Yngldy Drops Video For ‘Final Bout’

Austin is weird, no doubt, and for the most part that weirdness has been captured across the city’s musical spectrum.  Hip-hop in the city, for the most part, is a relatively serious venture, where even the funny MCs and groups still have a certain level of gravitas that they carry themselves with, as to be taken seriously regardless of lyrical cleverness.  It seems that Yngldy, unlike these other groups, could give less than a damn about coming off as serious, and yet Final Bout lacks none of the lyrical weight or sharpness of their contemporaries.  The video is a sight to see, for sure, and the song will stick in your head long after the final frames have faded away.  This Austin trio has definitely just hit my radar in a major way, and I’ll be keeping an eye and an ear out for what’s next.  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to do the same.