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Shock Value :: MC Homeless Expounds On ‘Dead Rappers’ With Chris Conde In New Video

There’s braggadocio, and then there’s truly being unbothered by what the common crowd is doing… I think it’s safe to say that MC Homeless falls more in the latter category.  An MC that’s never been known to do anything less than his own thing, MC Homeless recently teamed up with San Antonio-based Chris Conde to draw a clear line in the sand between the true unliving heads and those that are basically already the walking dead.  The duo gets down over a Death Woods track (plus a drone loop from Vanishing Cities) with a little visual assistance from co-director Joseph Ramirez (MC Homeless also pulled director duty), makeup and special effects by Chris PaulosHolly Paulos and Leigh Kessel, and digital effects from David Hampton.  The track will be found on the upcoming split cassette with BrzowskiDig Two Graves, so definitely keep your eyes and ears open for that release… I’m sure this is just a small sample of the dopeness that project holds in store.



Popular Demand :: Brzowski + Halo’s ‘Wichita’ Now Available

from the digital desk of Brzowsk:

Bottom Falls Out was made between Dec. 27-Jan. 4 to coincide with the beginning of the Boltcutters to Infinity European Tour in mid-January 2015.  Initially, these 4 songs were packaged as a tour-only CD (with a few extra goodies that have been trimmed to make the physical special).  After some thought and a bit of an outcry from our friends and supporters, we wanted to make this music available to everyone that wanted to hear it.  Here you are.  Spread the “Good News”.’