Public Service :: MC Homeless & Swordplay Release Video For ‘Cracked Screens’

It’s amazing how the information age has seemingly done nothing but dumb us down in the grand scheme of things.  The smartphone is a powerful tool, but in the hands of the unimaginative or apathetic, it can be a crutch at best, and a hindrance at worst.  MC Homeless and Swordplay clearly understand what I’m talking about, and address the sentiment head on in their collaborative single for Cracked Screens.  The information they spread is on point, but the real parallels to the peril we face are drawn in the video, which is full of real life clips where humans show our less than stellar side, alongside clips of the manufacturing and selling of cellular phones.  For good measure, or maybe just for my amusement, there’s even a dose of Quantum Leap thrown into the mix, to show the hopes we once had for technology and humanity working in harmony with one another.  This is definitely a video worth sharing around, so spread it far and wide… and don’t get lost on the irony of folks watching it on the very device that dooms them.



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