Culture Sounds :: EVOLVE X Mic Melt X Banga K Talk About ‘Basics’

There is no doubting that the monolithic culture we know as Hip-Hop was birthed in New York, but as the culture has grown, so has its reach and influence in not only the United States, but the world.  As a native Texan, I find myself spiritually connected to other Texas-based MCs that understand and respect New York and it’s firm place in the culture, and perhaps this is why it brings me great joy to hear Basics.  The prolific Texas duo that is EVOLVE and Mic Melt have always brought a grittiness and complexity to their artistry that is clearly influenced by the legions of classic New York artists, so to see them connect with New York-based MC Banga K, producer Deep of 2HB and dj Ez Dave during a recent trip to Brooklyn in this latest single feels like providence.  The track is a banger, of course, with the perspectives of those from outside and inside the “city that never sleeps” echoing one another beautifully.  If you dig your Hip-Hop with plenty of head nod energy, then cop this track immediately and spread it around.



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