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Fantastic Fest :: Chief Doomsday Uploads Recent Film Festival Twitch Live Stream To DOOMtubeATX

Short Scares :: ‘The Witching Hour’ Releases Just In Time For Halloween Weekend

We promised you The Witching Hour the other day when the trailer dropped, and as promised, Marina Flores and Joseph Santa Cruz have delivered!  The film, starring Paulina Vela, is a fun dose of 1970s and early 1980s inspired horror that’ll certainly help you get in the mood for the upcoming Halloween weekend.  Check it out, leave a comment and a like if you dig it, and share it around so everyone can get into the spooky mood!


Scary Scenes :: Trailer For ‘The Witching Hour’ Short Hits YouTube

The homie Joseph Santa Cruz, a writer/director in the film realm and one half of the Back to the Feature podcast, recently dropped a trailer for a Marina Flores produced short being released this Friday.  The short, titled The Witching Hour, stars Paulina Vela, and while the trailer doesn’t give away too much, it does set a sense of tension and terror that definitely has me interested in what’s to come.  I’ll definitely be checking out the short this Friday, and I’ll do my best to share it with everyone the same day, but meanwhile, dig this trailer, like it and share it around!


Manifesting Visions :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Drops ‘LANIE’, A New Short Film

In my never-ending quest to express my creative drive and desires in as many ways as possible, I have released a new short film.  LANIE is the story of a young woman making a mid-travel stop at an air b&b location, only to discover that the location holds much more in store than she could ever imagine or bargain for.  Making this one was a blast, as Moira McCulloch and Colton Ferguson delivered wonderfully strong performances, and the homegirl K Death was gracious enough to allow me to use some of her older tunes as score material.  My short films and music videos generally don’t do major numbers, but the reception to this one has been a joy to behold, so if you find the time, please check it out, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to experience.


Transitional Steps :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Drops Trailer For New Short Film ‘Repossession’

Coming soon… a new short film from Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice.  Starring Troy Baham Jr. (SymmaTree of Grid Squid and Stereofiend) and Sara NadeauRepossession is the examination of a soul reaper in a technological world, forced to play the role of repo man to complete his work.  Please like the trailer, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and keep an eye out for the full release this week.