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Fantastic Fest :: Chief Doomsday Uploads Recent Film Festival Twitch Live Stream To DOOMtubeATX

Talking Shop :: Audio Commentary Tracks Now Available For ‘REPOSSESSION’ and ‘The Perpendicular’

For the 2 – 7 people out there in the world curious about the Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice process of short film-making, I have released audio commentary tracks for REPOSSESSION and The Perpendicular.  Myself, along with guests Troy Baham Jr.Tony Berg and Steve Jones discuss several aspects of the production of both films.

Hopefully, I will have the audio commentary ready and available for HELP ME in the near future, and I plan to make this a part of my production process from here on out.  If you like the videos, leave likes and comments, and share them around for all to enjoy!


Dream Teams :: ‘The Perpendicular’, San Marcos Cinema Club And The 72-Hour Film Race

The San Marcos Cinema Club is quickly becoming one of the better fixtures in the town of San MarcosTexas.  The group holds a number of events and festival directly designed to promote and foster creative filmmakers in the city, as well as bring fans of film together to appreciate these creatives.  One of their recent events, the 72-Hour Film Race, recently took place.  I got together with a handful of friends and collaborators, we were given a set of prompts (sci-fi, barber scene, ‘EL RITO LIBERDADO DEL AGUA’, mural incorporation and a bonus location via a riddle), and we embarked upon the journey that resulted in The Perpendicular.  For something made in just under three days, I’d say we did pretty well… the judges thought so too, as we came in second place.  Check it out, share it, leave a like or a comment, and keep your eyes open for more fun from the San Marcos Cinema Club.