Sample Dosage :: Poolboi Blu Preps For New Release By Releasing ‘Songs For Shinji’


Whenever poolboi blu decides he’s ready to be in album mode, it’s a blessing for us listeners, because that almost always means we get a handful of smaller projects before the inevitable big release.  This time around, the first volley is songs for shinji, a trio of tracks that I would not be surprised hearing on one of those YouTube 24 hour streaming channels of lo-fi beats.  The energy is higher while keeping a mellow mood, and the sound is popping out of the speakers large scale.  If this is a sneak preview of what’s to come, then I know we’ve got some high quality tune-age on the horizon.  Props to poolboi blu for remaining focused in such a turbulent time, as all of us stand to reap those sonic rewards.



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