High Fashion :: Maikéru And Poolboi Blu Stop By Rooftop Takes For A ‘Prada’ Performance

The homie poolboi blu recently introduced me to Maikéru, a young and ambitious R&B performer (at the risk of minimalizing his talent) with an eccentric flair (at the risk of minimalizing his style).  Maikéru definitely seemed down to Earth, but after meeting him, I started to notice clips of his popping up on the timeline.  A week or so ago, poolboi blu let me know that he and Maikéru were stopping by the Austin-based Rooftop Takes to perform Maikéru‘s latest single Prada, a song about opposites attracting in the best ways possible.  Check out the performance, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, share it around, and then seek out more music from poolboi blu and Maikéru.



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