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Fall Footwork :: Poolboi Blu Drops Surprise ‘318!’ Single

As a longtime friend and fan of poolboi blu, I’ve enjoyed seeing his growth as a songwriter, recording artist and performer, but I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit that the foundation of my fandom is his production.  My earliest exposure to his work (outside of the stellar and slept on cloudy w/ a chance, which he sang on and produced) were his beat tapes like potpourri.fine dining… & breathing. and Chocolat, but as he bridged over into the aforementioned cloudy era that transitioned into ANTSYDIXIE and MASON (not to mention Rain of the Squids and a recent single run), I was preparing for poolboi blu to go full evolution into his version of a traditional recording artist.  jubilee showed me he hadn’t lost his production chops, but the recent 318! drop is a remind to me (and everyone else) that poolboi blu is still dropping bangers that will work in your club and party mixes.  Enough with my impromptu history lesson though… go check the single, run the numbers up, comment on the track for maximum engagement and share it around just because!



Blu Thunder :: Poolboi Blu Shows Up And Shows Out For ‘Sound In Color’ Part 2

With the possibility of COVID-19 taking a downturn stateside, a slow return to whatever will constitute the new normal could happen if people are responsible.  With this scenario in mind, I’ve been spending my time thinking about the inevitable transition back into whatever the live music scene looks like moving forward, and I get curious about who’s been complacent versus who’s been working and staying ready to jump in the game once it’s on.  Clearly, poolboi blu is hungry to get his momentum going again, and while he’s always in the studio, his recent appearance on Sound In Color Part 2 is proof that he’s stayed stage ready as well.  In the span of about half an hour, poolboi covers old and new tracks from JubileeRain of the SquidsAntsy and more, and thanks to the efforts of Andres MeloJulio FigueroaEvan K of Seize the Means Productions and Abel Ibarra, the Dktr N9ne & Friends Present production of Sound In Color looks like a million bucks.  Definitely check it out, give it all the like, comment, subscribe and notification bell action, and spread it around so your people can do the same.


Freedom Sounds :: Poolboi Blu Goes Off With ‘Jubilee’

You can always count on quality from the homie poolboi blu, but he really and truly left it all on the table for listeners on jubilee, his newest release.  Before you even hit play, the cover artwork by Tafari Diop takes you to an emotionally moving place (or at least it did for me), and this immediately took me back to a time of nostalgia when a powerful album cover was enough for me to invest my money in an album or tape, regardless of whether I’d heard it or not.  When it comes to poolboi blu, as mentioned before, I knew it was going to be good, and it’s obvious that my man has spent his time during COVID-19 sharpening and expanding his skill set.  Not only does this project continue his trend of providing a variety of soundscapes, but all of it bangs, and the sample choices used (in terms of vocal snippets) are money.  If you can spare a few bucks, definitely cop this one asap, but regardless, share it around for everyone to enjoy!