Multilayered Moving :: Poolboi Blu Continues Release Onslaught

When it comes to the homie poolboi blu these days, I don’t know whether to holler at all of our collective friends and schedule a party or an intervention.  Work ethic has never been a question, but very similar to the Kydd Jones situation I mentioned yesterday, poolboi continues to put out high quality work at a pretty impressive and slightly alarming volume, to the point where I’m wondering when cats sleep.  After putting a rush job on following up the ultra-mellow sincere (volume 015) with the banger-filled sincere (volume 016)poolboi dropped a very timely single titled pandemic p hours after the Los Angeles Clippers managed to make the first Western Conference Finals in team history.  poolboi blu isn’t playing around with these dual releases, so go give them the like and comment treatment, and share them around so others can do the same!



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