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Everyday People :: Moodie Black Drop ‘No Mames’ Single In Anticipation Of ‘FUZZ’

With each passing album, Moodie Black has perfected the rollout for the independent, DIY artist.  KDEATH maintains a proper level of profile on social media, interacting with the masses while she and Sean toil away in the studio.  As the projects come together, seeds of anticipation are woven into the normal flow of conversation.  As it starts to hit the 30-45 day mark, starts dropping visuals that open further avenues of anticipation and discussion, as the succinct ideas are intriguing enough to raise wondrous thoughts of how they will fit into the bigger picture.  After dropping the stellar Jesus Bound lead single recently, Moodie Black has come with the two of the one-two punch with No Mames, a very personal and artistic statement from that scratches the surface of her day to day experience of trying to exist as a trans, gender-fluid woman in an uptight, judgemental society.  FUZZ drops this upcoming Friday, and after these tastes, I’m certainly ready to hear the full project.  Like, comment and share the video, and keep your eyes on Moodie Black for the bomb drop that FUZZ will be.


Banded Bangers :: KDEATH Drops ‘S T R E S S’


KDeath of the formidable Minneapolis-based outfit Moodie Black is a busy man.. constantly, there is creative output coming from that direction.  S T R E S S serves as a shelter for a number of singles and unaccounted for songs that have shown up in the live performances and the Soundcloud page.  Weekend, a personal favorite of mine, finds it’s way on here.. props to Belly Belt for the assist on that track as well.  Check it out for sure.