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Rising Doom :: Kal.Kal Explores New Ground With ‘Cliff’ Single


Kal.Kal is back at it again, this time getting heavy in the studio putting together his upcoming project (a Doom Patrol-themed instrumental album).  The first single, Cliff, finds us deep in Kal.Kal‘s signature textured rhythms, but this time the sound has a much heavier and industrial feel to it.  Add to this mixture the guitar-work of Alcoda, and a crazy cover by Ozymandias’ Dream, and you’ve got a lasting first impression for what promises to be a wonderful sonic departure by Kal.Kal.  Definitely leave a comment on this track and share it around so others can bask in this sonic goodness.



Pace Setter :: New Tunes From Kal.Kal Now Streaming


Kal.Kal is back at it again on the beat tape tip, it seems.  Not too long ago, he dropped a pair of new tracks : the equal parts hard hitting and airy Ahead, with it’s interesting Secretariat-based vocal sample hiding in its midst; and Settle, the deceptively mellow track that almost immediately amps up the energy while remaining as spacey and airy as its companion counterpart.  I’m always down for the beats that Kal.Kal cooks up, and for him to drop a pair that he feels are Spotify (and the like) levels of quality gives me solace that more work, or perhaps a new release, may be on the way.


Always Working :: Virgil Wolfe Premiers His ‘Lunch Time Bust Rhymes’ Series

Wordsmith Virgil Wolfe, like many of us, is forced to work a day job to make the ends meet.  The thing about Virgil, however, is that his brain never stops working, and the bars will come regardless of where he may be at any given time.  In an effort to serve this urge and be productive while dedicating his time to someone else, Virgil Wolfe has created the Lunch Time Bust Rhymes series, where he pulls a beat from one of his many collaborators, writes to it during his lunch break, and then records a take for storage and sharing on his YouTube channel.  The video above features a banger from producer (and the homie) kal.kal, with other videos containing production from TrueHoustonEmceeRun C.T. and Heavo.  These brief moments provide us with a bit of insight in Virgil‘s process, both creatively and on a more personal level.  I look forward to not only seeing more installments, but seeing if some of these snippets turn into full fledged songs.


Inspired Intertextuality :: Kal.Kal And Alcoda Combine For ‘The Authoritative Kal.Kal. And Alcoda’


There’s something special about inspiration and homage in the creative world that can inform an artist in ways that result in beautiful creations.  I’m not sure what has caused the recent spike in style influenced by the old comic strips of Calvin & Hobbes (honestly, my love for the strip has never waned), but the results have been some of the most wonderfully forward thinking yet nostalgia-inducing projects of late.  One of the latest is the mesmerizing The Authoritative Kal.Kal and Alcoda, a collection of downtempo gems from producers Kal.Kal and Alcoda (with a lovely album cover by De’Angelo Galvan).  Grab your favorite Calvin & Hobbes anthology, your headphones, and dive headfirst into this one.


Vigilant Vibes :: Kal.Kal Drops ‘January EP’


Baytown-based beatsmith kal.kal is becoming a fixture on this blog.  The dude stays hard at work in the lab, and his sound variety is quite awe-inspiring.  Right out of the 2018 gate, kal.kal finds himself experimenting with an electronic based, slightly dancier sound, while still managing to incorporate some of the trademark moods and textures he is becoming known for.  The January EP may be more of a taste-tester project, or possibly it is a sign of the shape of things to come.  Either way, we are certain that there will be more and more coming from kal.kal, and smart people are tuned in.


Trending Topics :: Kal Kal Finds New Forms With Lil’ Obtuse Angel’s ‘Walter White’

When it comes to exploring new formats, new sounds, and new styles, Kal Kal is a force to be reckoned with.  Having already tackled standard issue hip-hop and lo fi, Kal Kal has found himself donning the wonderful moniker Lil’ Obtuse Angel in an effort to explore vibe-based rap.  Be it parody or sincere, it is undeniable that Walter White jams.  Tastes of his lo fi aesthetic remain in the music video, along with ironic visual trappings of the genre being taken in a much lighter form (ie Caleon Fox).  The tree that Kal Kal has planted continues to intrigue, and each branch demands attention.