Always Working :: Virgil Wolfe Premiers His ‘Lunch Time Bust Rhymes’ Series

Wordsmith Virgil Wolfe, like many of us, is forced to work a day job to make the ends meet.  The thing about Virgil, however, is that his brain never stops working, and the bars will come regardless of where he may be at any given time.  In an effort to serve this urge and be productive while dedicating his time to someone else, Virgil Wolfe has created the Lunch Time Bust Rhymes series, where he pulls a beat from one of his many collaborators, writes to it during his lunch break, and then records a take for storage and sharing on his YouTube channel.  The video above features a banger from producer (and the homie) kal.kal, with other videos containing production from TrueHoustonEmceeRun C.T. and Heavo.  These brief moments provide us with a bit of insight in Virgil‘s process, both creatively and on a more personal level.  I look forward to not only seeing more installments, but seeing if some of these snippets turn into full fledged songs.



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