Inspired Intertextuality :: Kal.Kal And Alcoda Combine For ‘The Authoritative Kal.Kal. And Alcoda’


There’s something special about inspiration and homage in the creative world that can inform an artist in ways that result in beautiful creations.  I’m not sure what has caused the recent spike in style influenced by the old comic strips of Calvin & Hobbes (honestly, my love for the strip has never waned), but the results have been some of the most wonderfully forward thinking yet nostalgia-inducing projects of late.  One of the latest is the mesmerizing The Authoritative Kal.Kal and Alcoda, a collection of downtempo gems from producers Kal.Kal and Alcoda (with a lovely album cover by De’Angelo Galvan).  Grab your favorite Calvin & Hobbes anthology, your headphones, and dive headfirst into this one.



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