Granted Wish :: Virgil Wolfe Tags In Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice For ‘Lovely To Look At’ Remix


A month or so ago, Virgil Wolfe debuted a new single (a collaboration with producer Big Lo) titled Lovely To Look At, and it made an impression on me.  It made such an impression, in fact, that I concluded my blog entry on the song by suggesting a remix with myself on it wouldn’t be a bad idea.  Cut to the present time, and what seemed at first like a wild request has become a stark reality.  Lovely To Look At still jams, but now there’s an extra bit of lyrical craftsmanship from yours truly tagged on at the end, and the possibility of more collaborations in the future.  Check out the new version of the track, share it around, and if you really dig it, give it a like and a comment!



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