Blue Collar :: Faylita Hicks Unviels ‘Verses & Tips’ Series With ‘Wolf’

Like most every independent creative, Faylita Hicks spends the moments that she isn’t creating slaving away at a day job.  Most all of us creatives have visions of one day making a living off of our art, but sadly, that cannot be the case for many of us.  As a way to bridge that gap between making a living off of her creations and making a living off of a day job, Faylita Hicks has started the Verses & Tips series, where she performs online and gives fans/supporters the opportunity to donate money via one of several digital funds transfer services.  Her latest poem in the series, Wolf, was chosen by fans out of the many published poems that Faylita Hicks has written, so definitely check it out and throw some money her way if you can.  If you can’t, be sure to share the video around so those who can may become aware.



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