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Blue Collar :: Faylita Hicks Unviels ‘Verses & Tips’ Series With ‘Wolf’

Like most every independent creative, Faylita Hicks spends the moments that she isn’t creating slaving away at a day job.  Most all of us creatives have visions of one day making a living off of our art, but sadly, that cannot be the case for many of us.  As a way to bridge that gap between making a living off of her creations and making a living off of a day job, Faylita Hicks has started the Verses & Tips series, where she performs online and gives fans/supporters the opportunity to donate money via one of several digital funds transfer services.  Her latest poem in the series, Wolf, was chosen by fans out of the many published poems that Faylita Hicks has written, so definitely check it out and throw some money her way if you can.  If you can’t, be sure to share the video around so those who can may become aware.



Friendly Competition :: Other Entries From The San Marcos Cinema Club’s ’72-Hour Film Race’

Taking part in the 72-Hour Film Race, presented by the San Marcos Cinema Club, and being a part of a team that placed second, was a true honor.  Being connected to so many talented filmmakers and personalities was an equal honor.  Here are a few of the other entries that I managed to find on YouTube, including the contest winner How Art Makes You Feel


Curating Culture :: Faylita Hicks, Arrondi Creative Productions, Ripple Market And Much More

Poet, songwriter and photographer Faylita Hicks has always had vision.  Over the past year or two, I have watched her become inspired, crystallize her vision into the formation of Arrondi Creative Productions, and slowly make headway towards unification of the artists and businesspeople of San Marcos.  With events like The Ripple Market and more becoming regular installations in the scene, the hope for artists to be able to make a living wage in this creative oasis is slowly turning from dream to reality.  Be sure to support Faylita HicksSplash Coworkings, and all of the creative endeavors that exist and are sure to come.


Depths Explored :: Faylita Hicks Presents ‘With No River’

If there is one thing that Faylita Hicks has never been afraid to do, it’s been the process of diving deep into any given topic, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, and exploring it with the detail and urgency it deserves.  I mention urgency because Faylita recently took part in the San Marcos Cinema Club‘s 72 Hour Film Race contest, and With No River was the result of her 72 hours.  Needless to say, I am excited to see what Faylita and her venture into the growth of her brand, Arrondi Creative Productions, brings forth.  Props to her for addressing the homeless situation in the central Texas corridor as well.


Too Much Too Soon! :: New Music Update

There is so much new music available right now from folks that I know, I’m finding it hard to keep up.  Just this once, I will do a shared post… here is a nice cross section of new music from all over the globe, but with many Texas roots, to keep your heads nodding, whatever you may dig.

That should hold you over until the next go round… enjoy!