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Poetic Mystic :: Faylita Hicks Steps Forward With ‘A New Name For My Love’

I’ve been a friend and fan of Faylita Hicks for quite a while, and watching Faylita‘s journey as an artist, performer and creative has been a pleasure and a joy.  Faylita marched into the darkness of 2020 with the release of HOODWITCH, a stirring collection of poems and images that reflected Faylita‘s past, both bad and good.  Out of this book release came notoriety, opportunities and accreditation, so it makes sense that with such accomplishment bolstering Faylita at the present, the next step would be a new project in the form of A NEW NAME FOR MY LOVE.  The roster, aside from the poetry of Faylita, includes production by Hanz Nobe and Chris Varvaro and guest vocals from SymmaTree, making the album as much of a family affair as it is a personal statement.  Let’s get the numbers run up on A NEW NAME FOR MY LOVE so that the next time we’re talking about Faylita Hicks, we’ll be talking about Grammy consideration and nomination.


Deep Diving :: The #WeirdRapDiscussionGang And Friends Go In-Depth On ODB’s ‘Return To The 36 Chambers : The Dirty Version’

Being a part of the #WeirdRapDiscussionGang has been a true honor, but of all the episodes we’ve done, the one that really meant the most to me was our discussion centered around Ol’ Dirty Bastard and his debut album, the instant classic and Grammy nominated Return to the 36 Chambers : The Dirty Version.  Th’MoleBeverly Fre$h and myself welcomed Skiz Fernando and Tokyo Cigar to the fold as we all provided our insight and personal experiences with the album, and then Th’Mole went the extra step of contacting and interviewing Buddha Monk for additional insider insight into Dirty‘s art, craft and the making of his debut.  Definitely check this one out, leave a like and a comment, share it around for everyone to enjoy, and most importantly, subscribe to the Weird Rap YouTube channel so you never miss out!