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Universal Language :: Dum Spiro Connect Worldwide With ‘Hors Chant’


Many years ago, during the days of The Word AssociationExperience and Binary Audio Misfits, I made a connection with the highly driven, super talented and insanely humble Francisco Esteves.  Although we did not speak the same language, we understood one another enough to form a base connection, and music has since then propelled that connection into places I never expected.

From the ashes of Binary Audio Misfits arose the label We Are Disco Doom Revenge, and an effort to keep like-minded and forward thinking artists connected and collaborating.  When Zedrine and Francisco reached out to me to be a part of the Dum Spiro upcoming album, I was very excited, to say the least.  Months later, Hors chant has hit the music scene, and as impartially as I can say it, this is quite the entertaining and engrossing album.  I knew it would be good… I did not know it would be this good.  I am honored to have been a part of this, and hopeful that you all will give it a listen and some support… next time you’re on your favorite streaming service or download app, give it a look up and a listen.


Too Much Too Soon! :: New Music Update

There is so much new music available right now from folks that I know, I’m finding it hard to keep up.  Just this once, I will do a shared post… here is a nice cross section of new music from all over the globe, but with many Texas roots, to keep your heads nodding, whatever you may dig.

That should hold you over until the next go round… enjoy!


We are disco Doom Revenge

“We are disco Doom Revenge”
Francisco Esteves
Sylvain Closier
MC th’mole
Ira Lee…