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Manifestation Music :: The Vapor Caves And Jackie Venson Connect For ‘Dreams’

I love how The Vapor Caves can simultaneously sound ahead of the pack and rooted in the past with what seems like relative ease.  For Dreams, the duo tapped guitarist Jackie Venson to add a little spice to their synth-based funk for a song that sounds like it belongs on a mixtape between Sheena Easton and Sheila E.  I don’t know how BoomBaptist and Yadira Brown continue to ride this wave of beautiful sonic creation, but it doesn’t look like it will crest at any point in the near future, even with the industry at large in a strange ebb.  Long story short, check out this track, download it, stream it, request it from your favorite radio or TV show, hack into an HEB public intercom and play it loud, or just throw it on repeat and take a drive.  In all seriousness, share this one around, follow The Vapor Caves on your favorite social media hangout, and always support your local mad geniuses.

Also, shout out to René Cárdenas for the dope cover design.


Past-time Paradise :: BoomBaptist Revisits Yadira Brown’s Tape Collection For ‘School Is Cool 2’

From the digital desk of BoomBaptist :

“This cassette photo is wildly substantial and I know she (Yadira Brown) won’t talk about it, so I will.  This year she unearthed a wealth of knowledge about herself and her history, one of the items being a self-made cassette from when she was a child (I want to say 7 or 8 years old).  The cassette was labeled Yadira: School is Cool and consisted of R&B freestyles she recorded on the tape.  Her singing was advanced : she would indicate where backing vocals belonged, where nuances in the writing should change, and how the songs should have repeating sections (choruses).  Topics ranged from needing love to being reunited with someone.  Listening to it, I realized Yadira was always meant to be a writer/singer and at that age, she was so innately drawn to it, that she could imagine every section of the vocal, fully.  In the spirit that is Yadira, she wanted to turn the attention away from herself and give the gift of a new album back to the world, however, she’s the actual gift and I’m honored to love her everyday.  So, everyone who knows her, reach out to her today and jam this incredible mixtape!’


Hard Truths :: Yadira Brown Releases ‘Better Than This’


Yadira Brown of The Vapor Caves, with production assistance from Bird Peterson, has made yet another track relevant to the times that speaks for itself.  Thank you both for sharing Better Than This with us.


Happy Hour :: The Vapor Caves (Possibly) Wrap Up ‘Shelter In Caves!’

As April comes to a close, it seems that The Vapor Caves are also bringing Shelter in Caves! to a close as well.  For what could be the final episode, BoomBaptist and Yadira Brown shared a new song or two, took dedication requests from the viewing audience, and even shared a recipe for a special margarita.  While it is possible that the duo may extend their run into May, nothing concrete has been announced yet, but fingers crossed, we will continue to get content from the two in this format as long as shelter in place is a thing.  Until then, check out the existing episodes, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for all to enjoy!


Live Direct :: The Vapor Caves Create ‘Shelter In Caves’ Web Series

With varying degrees of ‘shelter in place’ rules in effect all over the nation, many artists have been forced to become inventive with presentation and performance methods.  The Vapor Caves, who have always been ahead of the curve in terms of content, decided to take the opportunity to turn the internet into their broadcast network by creating Shelter in Caves, a web series featuring live performances of their music and sketches created by the duo and their collaborators.  BoomBaptist and Yadira Brown are natural entertainers with great chemistry, and they really make the program work, with episode one even including the premier of a brand new song.  With the first episode completed and more to come, I’m certainly looking forward to what’s in store.  The episodes air on Tuesday nights across all streamable platforms, so if you’re interested in catching the show, follow The Vapor Caves wherever you watch your social media videos, and support your local creatives!


Headline News :: The Vapor Caves Stop By Austin360



If I were hard-pressed to name an artist of the year for Austin in 2019, I’d have to go ahead and bestow that honor to The Vapor Caves.  Through a combination of solid musical output and consistently entertaining promotional campaigns, the duo of Yadira Brown and BoomBaptist hit the ground running, with no intention of slowing down.  Austin360 recognized this recently, and as a result, The Vapor Caves were given the honor of Artist of the Month for December.  Here are live performances of Hurry Up and Wait and Be The Light from their debut album Feel Yourself, which you should definitely find on your favorite streaming service or digital storefront so that you can support at that ground-floor level.


Self Medication :: The Vapor Caves Encourage The Masses To ‘Feel Yourself’


It’s been a bit since I anticipated a local release on the level of a major label release, but when I recently determined that The Vapor Caves had their debut project, Feel Yourself, up on iTunes and ready for pre-order, I went all in on that purchase.  After a handful of clever and unique promotional campaigns for their leading singles, it was pretty much a given that I was going to purchase this project, and my first few listens have been incredibly rewarding.  BoomBaptist and Yadira Brown are almost certainly guaranteed to make some noise with this project, so I recommend getting in on the ground floor for this one.  Check them out on your favorite streaming service, or purchase the limited edition vinyl via the Bandcamp link above.  Whatever you do, though, don’t sleep on The Vapor Caves.


Fly Girl :: The Vapor Caves Shine On ‘Bitch To The Boys’


Holy smokes y’all… I knew that The Vapor Caves were already one of my favorite projects making music these days, but I didn’t know how bad I apparently needed a Yadira Brown rap verse in my life until I heard Bitch to the Boys.  Like many of their songs, The Vapor Caves drench this one in an old school aesthetic, employing shades of Neneh Cherry meets Mary Jane Girls for this round.  This album doesn’t appear to be a concept album, per se’, but the way that BoomBaptist and Yadira Brown execute their ideas so fully is impressive and inspiring.  This one will make some lists at the (rapidly approaching) end of this year… mark my words.  Check it out, spread it around, and support your local creatives!


Illuminating Minds :: The Vapor Caves Keep The Groove Going With ‘Be The Light’


When 2019 is all said and done, it would be negligent (and nearly impossible) to not sit back and admire the year that The Vapor Caves have had.  Time and again, they’ve executed memorable rollouts for stellar music, and their latest attempt continues to stick the landing.  Their ability to create a standout groove is undeniable, and nowhere has that been more present than their latest single, Be the LightYadira and BoomBaptist channel some Brand New Heavies-type vibes for an inspirational tune about not letting your inspiration fade, regardless of circumstances.  At the rate these two are going, I’d not be surprised if a full-length was ready and waiting for a release near the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020.  I know I’ll be paying attention, ready and waiting for it, and I can imagine that many of you will be too.


Making Moves :: Bird Peterson Remixes ‘Hurry Up And Wait’ By The Vapor Caves


The Vapor Caves are a group with some weight behind the name already, and they have a penchant for getting their already on-point songs remixed, so why not grab another giant like Bird Peterson to get involved?  That, my friends, is exactly what happened for Hurry Up and Wait, and needles to say, Bird Peterson came through.  His drum and bass approach amps up the BPMs, but it somehow manages to let Yadira Brown‘s vocals (and the vocoder work of BoomBaptist) really stretch their legs and move around within the high energy track.  The collective even put together a quick promo clip for fun :

Check out the video and track, share them around, leave a like and a comment on the video, and definitely cop that track if you have an extra digital buck or two laying around!