Past-time Paradise :: BoomBaptist Revisits Yadira Brown’s Tape Collection For ‘School Is Cool 2’

From the digital desk of BoomBaptist :

“This cassette photo is wildly substantial and I know she (Yadira Brown) won’t talk about it, so I will.  This year she unearthed a wealth of knowledge about herself and her history, one of the items being a self-made cassette from when she was a child (I want to say 7 or 8 years old).  The cassette was labeled Yadira: School is Cool and consisted of R&B freestyles she recorded on the tape.  Her singing was advanced : she would indicate where backing vocals belonged, where nuances in the writing should change, and how the songs should have repeating sections (choruses).  Topics ranged from needing love to being reunited with someone.  Listening to it, I realized Yadira was always meant to be a writer/singer and at that age, she was so innately drawn to it, that she could imagine every section of the vocal, fully.  In the spirit that is Yadira, she wanted to turn the attention away from herself and give the gift of a new album back to the world, however, she’s the actual gift and I’m honored to love her everyday.  So, everyone who knows her, reach out to her today and jam this incredible mixtape!’



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