Love Jones :: Jonny Jukebox Teams Up With Cory Kendrix For ‘BetterThanDrugs’

I’ve always trusted Cory Kendrix, so if he posts about new music I’m generally checking it out immediately. Therefore, when Cory lumped in a music recommendation with his recent label signing announcement, I knew that he must be extra hype about it. The track, a Jonny Jukebox track titled BetterThanDrugs on which Kendrix features, is definitely a banger, with slight The Weeknd vibes, but more of a lean towards the hip-hop side of things than the R&B side. Topically, the lyrics are solid, with the obvious connection of love addiction and drug addiction used as a setup to true love serving as ‘the plug’ rather than ‘the drug’. This track could definitely make some noise with the right placements, so I recommend you check it out now before it blows, cop it if you can, and share it around regardless.



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