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Wasted Hours :: Mad One Reflects On Time With ‘Winter Nights’ Video

Mad One and DJ Ninja are making sure that their new collaborative project Ghost Of The Record Store gets all of the attention it can (and deserves), and one of those routes is the promotional music video push they’ve unrolled.  After dropping the hard hitting Bombz video, complete with images that help reinforce the album idea, the duo has followed up with Winter Nights, a reflective and somber track glorifying an understanding of time and how all aspects of it can affect us.  Paired with Max Fleischer era animation, the bars and earworm piano sample hit that much harder in terms of relevance, making the song a gem that reminds us of the mid-1990s jazz influenced boom-bap hip-hop we could use more of these days.  If you haven’t already, go check out Ghost Of The Record Store, and be sure to give both videos a like, comment and share.



Standard Issue :: Kilmatik Keeps The Culture Going With ‘Regular 2’


Kilmatik continues his efforts to push left of center into the norm.  Regular 2 finds our host spitting the same off-kilter on-point bars that he’s known for, and this time, he’s brought a wrecking crew of collaborators to the table.  With guest verses from Click-ClackEmcee EatsRobbie AnalogMad OneTone of the CosmosCooley FlyApasoRuler Why and Norman Ba$e, it’s no surprise that the album holds the listener from track to track in terms of variety and wordplay.  Production assistance is provided from Markie TeeHADES, and White Jamal (plus a Kilmatik track for good measure).  This is definitely more moves in the right directions from a man continuing to make a name for himself.


And Another One :: More New Music From Mad One And Ruler Why

Surely you know the drill by now.  Mad One drops bars on Ruler Why production.  I get you hip to it.  You support and share it.  That’s how the dopeness gets spread.  This time, the dopeness takes the shape of Beginning Of Forever, a prelude to the upcoming full length project Eternity’s Sequel.  Are you ready?


Forever On :: ‘At All Times’ By Mad One + N95

Rhyme animal Mad One drops yet another collaboration with yet another dope producer for 2015.  This go round, he’s teamed up with Scottish producer N95 for a rapid fire burst of ill in the form of At All Times.  You already know that if Mad One is blessing it, it’s gonna bang, so this should be automatic for sharing and supporting.


Props Over Here :: ‘AK’s & Bibles’ From Mad One & Kizersoze

At this point in the game, anything Mad One drops is getting automatic exposure from me.  Dude is dope with the lyrics, and he always picks smart production.  This go round, he’s teamed up with beatsmith Kizersoze to bring forth his latest collaborative venture, AK’s & Bibles.  You know the drill…


Supreme Minds Combined :: Mad One & Furthermore’s ‘Mathematics For Savages’

This album is a B A N G E R.  Mad One (lyricist) and Furthermore (beatsmith) really have something on their hands worth being proud of with Mathematics For Savages.  Musically, the production is consistent, and the album has a very steady flow to it.  All of the words spoken feel chosen, not just thrown out as placeholders on a sonic landscape.  The B-Hop guest features add the slightest bit of variety… a well balanced project overall.  Definitely worth your time and your money, and worth spreading the word about.


Quick Props :: ‘The Silverback Project’ Hits The Streets

New banger from Mad One.. dig it, download it, share it, and so on!