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Standard Issue :: Kilmatik Keeps The Culture Going With ‘Regular 2’


Kilmatik continues his efforts to push left of center into the norm.  Regular 2 finds our host spitting the same off-kilter on-point bars that he’s known for, and this time, he’s brought a wrecking crew of collaborators to the table.  With guest verses from Click-ClackEmcee EatsRobbie AnalogMad OneTone of the CosmosCooley FlyApasoRuler Why and Norman Ba$e, it’s no surprise that the album holds the listener from track to track in terms of variety and wordplay.  Production assistance is provided from Markie TeeHADES, and White Jamal (plus a Kilmatik track for good measure).  This is definitely more moves in the right directions from a man continuing to make a name for himself.



Supreme #CONfidence :: HADES Drops ‘Real Sore’ With C-Rayz Walz & Paisley Starfire

All you have to do is break down HADES name, and you already know what time it is… Hungry Artists Don’t Ever Stop.  This cat is certainly showing no signs of stopping, or even slowing down, anytime soon.  In preparation for the release of his upcoming LP #CONfidenceHADES has collaborated with NYC living legend C-Rayz Walz and songbird Paisley Starfire for Real Sore, and it’s real dope.  Dig it and dig it good.


Family Dynamics :: HADES Discusses ‘The Long Con’

from the digital desk of HADES:

“If you watched True Detective, you probably remember a subplot about cultish schools taking advantage of “troubled” kids.  It was far from the weirdest thing in the show, but for most of you it likely seemed as fictional as everything else going on around it.  But as Austin emcee, producer and label head HADES can tell you, there actually is a vast network of creepy cultish programs taking advantage of adolescents and their parents– he should know, he was forcibly entered into one for 17 months and still suffers PTSD as a result.

HADES and his collaborator Lily Speerbrecker spoke up about their experiences in one of these programs way back on HADES’ debut album I Hate It Here with the track The Long Con, but last week one of the largest of these programs, the Midwest Academy, was investigated for large scale sexual abuse of minors and a few days ago it began to shut down operations and lay off workers.  Despite this, MWA continues to claim innocence and even launched a crowd funding campaign to counter the investigation, which in turn provoked survivors like HADES to launch a counter-petition.  This is also why HADES has decided to revisit The Long Con in advance of his similarly themed new album You Can’t Spell Confidence Without Con and self-direct a video for the track, detailing the brainwashing methods of the Midwest Academy and encouraging others to get involved in shutting down other such programs around the country.  The video includes info on anti-MWA petitions as well as Speerbrecker’s Safe Teen Schools organization, which is dedicated to breaking the code of silence these programs instill.  We are premiering this track in the hopes of helping HADES spread the information on these detestable programs.

Please sign this petition to investigate systematic child abuse at Midwest Academy and help take out a leg of an evil umbrella corporation in America known as WWASP and affiliates.”



Spirit Lyrical :: HADES Decides To ‘Raise The Dead’

Every once in a while, you’ve gotta get some things off of your chest.  HADES of Black Market Pluto decided to step it up one, and spit for both a social media and an ‘underground’ captive audience.  Take a minute and get wrapped up in  it.


Songs About Home :: Bateau Goes ‘Downtown’

Austin based crew Black Market Pluto is flexing their independent muscle for 2015.  First up is a collaborative EP between Houston singer/songwriter Bateau (formerly known as Melina Evalyn) and producer HADES (Hungry Artists Don’t Ever Stop).  Downtown (Houston) is an ode to the city the song is named after, and if this lead single is any indication of the EP to follow, we should be in for some good sounds.

You can grab Downtown (Houston) here.