New Normal :: Click-Clack Explores The Times With ‘Thankful’


Shelter-in-place measures, compounded by a resurgent drive for racial social-economic equality, has taken a taxing toll on most creatives.  I’ve found a few peers who have stepped up to bat in regards to the racial issues, and a smaller handful who have taken on our lifestyle adjustments directly, but to my recollection thus far, Click-Clack is one of the first to take both on with equal measure.  On Thankful, his collaboration with producer BrokeboishyClick-Clack takes a six-song journey that covers isolation, bigotry and prejudice, systematic oppression, questionable social behaviors and much more with clever and insightful examination.  Over the past ten days or so, his refrain of ‘partner, could you pardon me?’ has been stuck in my head something serious.  Click-Clack has proven his consistency over the years, so it shouldn’t even be a question whether or not you check this one out and support it.



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