Street Knowledge :: CP Loony’s Standout ‘American Rebel’ Out Now


I never really got into this whole blogging thing to make it a profession.. it was more just a way to keep the front page of my website from getting stale or a bit too much about self-glorification.  Cut to many, many, many years later, and I’ve found myself often getting solicited music for blog post consideration, which will always and forever be a trip to me.  That being said, I love getting to discover new music, and when CP Loony hit me up to check out the recently released American Rebel, it only further validated that discovery feeling.  What I really and truly dig about CP Loony is how he moves effortlessly between what many have labelled ‘old head’ and ‘new head’ styles of hip-hop, bridging the gap between generations in a much needed manner that brings your Playboi Carti‘s and Public Enemy‘s a bit closer together.  The songs are incredibly personal, heartfelt and moving, with CP Loony taking the time to examine the world around him, and his role in it, with dynamic and observant detail.  The production is money as well, with assists from ChiChiNashiEighty 8 and ThatBossEvan filling out the roster.  If you’re looking for a brief but powerful bit of realness for your soundsystem, look no further than American Rebel.



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