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Mellow Melodies :: Water On Mars Releases Self-Titled EP


The San Marcos-based collective Water on Mars has been vigilant over the past couple of years in regards to shaping their sound and fine-tuning their chemistry as a band.  After a run of live shows and a few one-off recordings of singles, Water on Mars is kicking off the summer of 2019 with a brand new EP.  The songs are tightly structured, dynamic, melodic, and full of wonderful vocal harmonies that have become a signature of Water on Mars‘ sound.  It’s available on all the major streaming services at this time (clicking the cover above will take you to Spotify), so don’t hesitate to look them up and give them some streaming love!



Opening Statements :: Manners Releases Debut EP


After putting in a year or two of solid gigging and songwriting, the San Marcos-based trio Manners has finally released their debut project, a self-titled EP.  The 5-song collection showcases the band’s ability to write songs that are cutting in their introspection while still maintaining a tone of humor (albeit it, a very sharp humor).  The band has a playful energy, but the songs focus on topics such as promiscuity, self-doubt at the expense of putting someone on a pedestal, trust and heavy hitters of that nature.  The garage-rock feel of the recordings make the songs connectable due to their honesty and rawness.  For a debut project, Manners shows a lot of potential for the band… hopefully it leads to future projects.


Beautiful Noise :: Pretty Shitty Drops A New EP


It’s another banger out of the Austin music scene.  This time, it’s Pretty Shitty, the punk rock outfit that’s ‘looking pretty and sounding shitty’ for rock and roll fans.  Their self-titled EP is their second release, and it’s a power packed (albeit short) trip worth taking.  Check it out, and keep an eye out for more from these guys in the (hopefully near) future.


High Alert :: Blastfamous USA Drops Debut EP


Blastfamous USA is far from the first supergroup out of the Austin music scene, but they’re by far one of the illest and most promising musical connections the scene has seen in quite a while.  NGHT HCKLRS and Zeale Rapz certainly did not need one another, as each of these particular musical projects has seen varied levels of success on their own.  This go-round, however, is proving to be fruitful for all parties involved, especially Zeale Rapz, who was always clever with the wordplay, but is showing a completely genuine edge on these tracks that (in my opinion) has only been hinted at in the past.  As with most banger EPs, I am certainly ready for what the full length project has in store… props to everyone involved in this project.


Hyper Space :: Space Camp Death Squad EP Now Available

Space Camp Death Squad is a name in Austin that is always associated with raw hip hop and high energy live shows.  The collective recently got together to put together this self-titled EP for your enjoyment, so why not enjoy it?