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Natural Expressions :: Kendra Sells Drops Awesome Video For ‘Your Cut’

As a longtime fan of the work of Kendra Sells, I was very happy to see she’d dropped a solo project (the All In Your Head EP), and after hearing it, I was impressed with what she’d managed to put together.  Sometimes, however, a good music video can provide you a deeper understanding of what the artist is trying to convey, and with the video for Your Cut, I’ve attained a bit more understanding from the track in terms of how playful (or seemingly so) the vulnerability she expresses is intended to be.  The video, a Kendra Sells concept fleshed out by Jump-Start Performance Company and brought to life by the combined efforts of Elias Flores III, Lilith Tijerina and Sarah Tijerina, is a colorful, energetic and expressive affair worth checking out (and definitely worthy of MUCH MORE engagement that it’s gotten thus far).  Take my word for it, check this one out immediately, throw a like and a comment that way and share it around for others to do the same.