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Southern Exposure :: KB The Boo Bonic And Tow Down Connect On ‘I Seent It’

KB the Boo Bonic has been getting up in big ways lately.  Her latest album, Goldilox, definitely hit the ground running, and the second single is a solid one.  I Seent It features Tow Down of the Screwed Up Click, and it’s a nice combination of super catchy track laced with perfectly placed rhymes.  The Moon Guys come through on another wonderful video, and yet another solid piece of work is added to a growing catalouge of solid and long lasting output.  Stay hustling, and we’ll stay supporting.



Staking Claims :: KB The Boo Bonic Is Holding Down Her Spot With ‘Goldilox’

It has been extremely entertaining and inspirational to watch KB the Boo Bonic grow from a rap fan doing her take on southern hip hop into a genuinely unique and standout artist.  Each release has found her getting more comfortable in her style, and the last round of collaborations with The Moon Guys has resulted in a gradual evolution into a standout from the rest of the pack.  Goldilox finds KB expanding her sound to the edges of its limitations, and finding a balance that may finally afford her some of the breakthrough success she’s been on the verge of for so long.  Go ahead and check out Goldilox over on your favorite streaming or downloadable service!


Finer Things :: KB The Boo Bonic Shows ‘I Want That’

The homegirl KB the Boo Bonic has been making tracks lately.  Catching flights, playing shows far away from home, and genuinely taking the steps needed to grow the KB brand.  The latest visual/audio collaboration with The Moon GuysI Want That, is an expression of these latest experiences, and hope that the travels and experiences continue to come with greater abundance.  Another solid win for KB the Boo Bonic.


Proper Notice :: KB The Boo Bonic’s ‘U Ain’t Kno’ Video Out Now

KB the Boo Bonic and The Moon Guys are becoming quite the compelling team on the music video front.  KB carries herself like the champ she is in all of their videos, and The Moon Guys put together videos that make her look like the star she’s destined to be.  U Ain’t Know falls right in line with the upward trajectory of the rest of the work.  Beautiful aerial shots, wonderful performance spaces and a nice mellow tone make this another winner in their catalog.


Twilight Zoned :: ‘They Watchin” Protextor/P-Tek And KB The Boo Bonic

At the close of 2015, Austin-based hip-hop creative Protextor/P-Tek released Shift.  There were many standout cuts on the project, and among them was the KB the Boo Bonic collaborative effort They Watchin’.  An ode to the digital age, and the paranoia that comes along with it, this was a song that was literally begging for a visual counterpart.  Enter rinjin video…  and now, we have the masterpiece above.  Share this, because it most certainly deserves to be seen.


Crazy In Austin :: KB The Boo Bonic’s ‘Batsh!t’ Mixtape


KB the Boo Bonic stayed busy this winter.  She teased us even before Christmas that Batsh!t was on its way.  Well, no need to wait anymore, because it has recently touched down for all of our listening pleasure.  Added bonus, here’s the video for Willie Nelson:


ATX Fly :: KB The Boo Bonic Drops ‘BAT SH!T’ Video

KB the Boo Bonic… an old friend, a like minded comrade, and a talented artist in her own right.  It’s been awesome watching her go from rap fan, to participant, to standout status.  BAT SH!T is the video for her upcoming mixtape of the same title, which should drop sometime before we wrap up 2015.  Keep your eyes and your ears open for this ATX representer to make some noise soon…