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Twilight Zoned :: ‘They Watchin” Protextor/P-Tek And KB The Boo Bonic

At the close of 2015, Austin-based hip-hop creative Protextor/P-Tek released Shift.  There were many standout cuts on the project, and among them was the KB the Boo Bonic collaborative effort They Watchin’.  An ode to the digital age, and the paranoia that comes along with it, this was a song that was literally begging for a visual counterpart.  Enter rinjin video…  and now, we have the masterpiece above.  Share this, because it most certainly deserves to be seen.


Discovery Series :: ‘Boom Bapparitions’ By Curbside Jones

Here’s another discovered via P-Tek‘s Facebook thread.  This time around, it’s Austin mainstay Curbside Jones, but it’s a new approach for him.  Rather than bringing beats and rhymes, Boom Bapparitions focuses completely on the beats.  Very solid listen, and worth throwing a few bucks at for sure.


Discovery Series :: ‘Circuit Board A’ By Scan Reason

Protextor / P-Tek recently put out a call to action for all ATX emcees to link projects they have released this year, so I’ve taken it as an opportunity to get myself hip, as well as get you hip to what’s what.  First up is Scan Reason, an Indiana born ATX transplant.  His album cover stood out amongst the rest, and the music is incredibly unique.  Check it out yourself, and show him some love and support!


ATX Unites :: A Message From Austin Mic Exchange & Hip Hop Hooray

Protextor / P-Tek of Austin Mic Exchange and Miss Manners of Hip Hop Hooray have a message for you.  I say support that message.


Cyclical Inspiration :: Protextor (P-Tek) Creates And Reappropriates

Protextor (P-Tek) of Austin is not only a creative hip-hop artist, he is a creative filmmaker as well.  Back in 2010, he created an instillation piece meant to be played as a loop for Toy Joy‘s Art Show.  The piece was titled Cycle One, and it was a very creative experiment with non-traditional storytelling…

Later that year, on a rainy day, P-Tek decided to make a music video for his crew The Department of Public Safety‘s latest release, Look Up Motherfucker!!  You may recognize an image or two from this expressionistic journey…


#Ferguson :: AMX Stands With Ferguson

The hip hop community of Austin, Texas stands with Ferguson, MO.  Hip hop is the voice of the people, so if you’re an artist we encourage you to upload your own #HipHopForFerguson video and let your voice be heard.

#HipHopforFerguson #Ferguson #HandsUpDontShoot

Filmed at Austin Mic Exchange at Spider House Ballroom, Austin, TX, Tuesday Aug. 19, 2014.

T-Fly / Hyder / Pojo the Idealist / Justjarvaz / p-teK / Zeale

We Can Get Down :: AMX Cypher, Volume One

SPACE CAMP DEATH SQUAD, The Lower Class, Scuare, Secret Levels, Mainstreem and Protextor/P-Tek got down recently with the intent of leaving the Austin Mic Exchange imprint on the currently overwhelming practice of cypher videos.  The good thing about this take, however, is that it’s full of talented cats who all swung for the fences on this one.  You can catch many of these artist at Austin Mic Exchange, every Tuesday Night at Spiderhouse Cafe (Austin).