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Solo Soul :: Image Steps Out On ‘Someone You Discover’


After putting in many years of work with The Lower Class, MC and soundsmith imaGenius has ventured into the solo realm with the release of Someone You Discover.  The project was 3 years in the making, and the vast range of sounds and ideas found within it is a testimony to that time and dedication.  From song to song, thoughts grow, are handed off from track to track, are left for the listener to resonate, and amidst all of that, the ever changing range of sounds and instruments keeps us guessing and anticipating the next song.  The beautiful album artwork is the cherry on top of a true sonic treat.  Definitely listen to this one, share it around, and give image (imaGenius) some support if you can afford to.  You know… for the culture.



We Can Get Down :: AMX Cypher, Volume One

SPACE CAMP DEATH SQUAD, The Lower Class, Scuare, Secret Levels, Mainstreem and Protextor/P-Tek got down recently with the intent of leaving the Austin Mic Exchange imprint on the currently overwhelming practice of cypher videos.  The good thing about this take, however, is that it’s full of talented cats who all swung for the fences on this one.  You can catch many of these artist at Austin Mic Exchange, every Tuesday Night at Spiderhouse Cafe (Austin).