A-Town Anthems :: Protextor Releases ‘Austin’ Single


Protextor has been a busy man the last few months.  His crew, Space Camp Death Squad, just dropped an album.  Weird City Hip Hop Festival isn’t too far away, and Protextor is a key element to it.  Austin Mic Exchange, his gift to all Austin based up and comers, is only picking up steam as a Tuesday residency at Spiderhouse Ballroom.  Despite all these spinning plates, he’s busy bringing us one more spinning plate.. a new solo album.  The first taste we’re getting of this project is the Egon produced tribute single Austin.  It’s an homage to the place Protextor now proudly calls home, and a tribute in general to the artists who keep it moving simply because they are driven to create.

We should all be excited about what’s to come..



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