Chasing Dreams :: ‘4 Dayz’ By Gost Now Streaming


When fans of my music tell me they like or appreciate it, I always thank them, but I’m always sure to let them know how much it really means for me, as the process of creation is very therapeutic to me.  While not that lofty a concept to grasp, I often wonder if people truly understand what I mean.  After hearing 4 Dayz by the homie Gost, I can take solace in knowing that at least one person on this Earth knows exactly what I’m talking about.  The track is more like a short film than a song, taking listeners through the intensity that is a fixation with an idea that may be the key to fueling a bigger dream.  Gost has always been good with the bars, but 4 Dayz is a clear sign that the songwriting prowess is growing and taking a key role in his identity… I’m all for it.



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