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Emotional Depths :: Anastasia Releases ‘Born To Love You’

The anticipation for Born To Love You‘s release has been real.  Ever since Anastasia started dropping the initial promo material, music videos and singles, there has been a building crowd of new fans and old supporters awaiting to hear where her journeys have led her.  The project finds Anastasia facing her feelings on love, romance and support in a completely bold and up front fashion.  From the familiar opening title track Born To Love You to the stellar finisher Murder Business, the collaboration between Anastasia and producer Thomas Crager sits with you and pulls on all the right emotions.  This one is a standout 2017 project, hands down.  Show some support, and not just on Soundcloud, as this project is on all major digital outlets.  As always, support local!


Free Download :: The Bird Peterson Holiday Spectacular

Ready for the holidays?  Bird Peterson is, and he’s doing his part to get you in the mood as well… The Bird Peterson Holiday Spectacular is a MUST HAVE MIX, and with it being a free download, is there really any reason not to have it? Get it, share it with friends, and enjoy… according to Bird, it’s “what all the cool kids are talking about”.


More Downloadable Goodness

My Austin DJ friends are putting things together at a crazy pace lately!  On the same day DJ Charlie released his Hip Hop Sessions 008 instrumental mix, my man S.T.A.T.I.K. aka WonderRhythm released a dope mix :: No Songs Cleared 2009.  This is a free download as well, so you know the drill… get it, jam it, share it with friends.