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Natural High :: Anastasia Drops Straight Talk For ‘Ceiling’ Video

Austin-based artist Anastasia has been on a creative and personal climb over the past couple of years.  After hitting the ground running on the Austin live music scene, she decided that the cure for complacency was to challenge herself.  After some traveling, soul searching and intensive writing, Anastasia is back in the mix with new music that shows waves of the maturation she has gone undergone.  Ceiling is a reflection on love and allowing yourself to be taken in by the feeling, with an affirmation in the form of a rap to help close out the Ty On Da Track 2018 instrumental.  For the video, Fresco Filmz captures Anastasia as she essentially sits us down and talks straight to us, making the performance aspect extremely intimate, personal and full of honesty.  It’s definitely nice when an artist doesn’t put on airs, instead opting to let you in to their process and their state of mind.  I am happy for all of Anastasia‘s growth, and excited to see both what the future holds in store for her and what she has on deck for us.



Emotional Depths :: Anastasia Releases ‘Born To Love You’

The anticipation for Born To Love You‘s release has been real.  Ever since Anastasia started dropping the initial promo material, music videos and singles, there has been a building crowd of new fans and old supporters awaiting to hear where her journeys have led her.  The project finds Anastasia facing her feelings on love, romance and support in a completely bold and up front fashion.  From the familiar opening title track Born To Love You to the stellar finisher Murder Business, the collaboration between Anastasia and producer Thomas Crager sits with you and pulls on all the right emotions.  This one is a standout 2017 project, hands down.  Show some support, and not just on Soundcloud, as this project is on all major digital outlets.  As always, support local!


Getaway Discovery :: Anastasia’s ‘Unavailable Pt. 1’ Speaks Volumes

For some, you truly have to escape to find yourself.  But in my case, these are just words, and most learn better by example.  Rather than run my mouth on the topic, I will allow Anastasia to show you how one gets out of their comfort zone to find their optimum comfort level in life.  Dig it, share it, and really listen to what this young lady is saying, as she’s never been one to waste words.


Second Nature :: Anastasia And Lil Milez Visualize ‘Born To Love You’

Like many of the other creatives in AustinAnastasia is using 2017 as a clear signal that she is evolving into an even more diverse artist than the one we’ve come to know.  Born To Love You, with its impeccable timing just days before Valentine’s day, is set to be a nice soundtrack for the day we love love.  The song features gues bars from Lil Milez, and the video is a perfect telling of the story of passion and anticipation.  Beautiful work from beautiful people.


Powerful Beauty :: Upper Reality’s ‘Silver’ Is Must-Listen Material

First and foremost, I must thank Austin for being a city so rich in culture and talent that I never have to want for quality material to consume and review.  That being said, I have heard some captivating projects over the years from many, many talented musicians, but Upper Reality‘s Silver is quite simply one of the most breathtaking projects I have heard in YEARS.  Based in poetry and sparse production, but far from short on surprises and insight, this project should be mandatory listening for songwriters, emcees and poets in this area, as Silver is nothing short of a masterclass in all of those disciplines.  My ONLY gripe is that this is an EP, and not a full-legnth project, but this EP is incredibly powerful, which I cannot state enough.  Very glad to have stumbled upon this thanks to a recent Austin Chronicle article about Upper RealityAnastasia and Alesia Lanai (which, out of the 3, Upper Reality was the only one I was not familiar with).


Temple Work :: Anastasia Practicing ‘Kale & Yoga’

Austin-based emcee Anastasia (FKA Anya) is a picture perfect example of positive growth.  She was already fresh out the gate, but after making an introductory push to the greater Austin music scene the past few years, she took a brief moment to reflect and redirect.  The result is a mentally and spiritually stronger artist, who seems to be both enjoying the ride and focused enough to control the direction it leads.  More power to you, and here’s to great things in your future.