Powerful Beauty :: Upper Reality’s ‘Silver’ Is Must-Listen Material

First and foremost, I must thank Austin for being a city so rich in culture and talent that I never have to want for quality material to consume and review.  That being said, I have heard some captivating projects over the years from many, many talented musicians, but Upper Reality‘s Silver is quite simply one of the most breathtaking projects I have heard in YEARS.  Based in poetry and sparse production, but far from short on surprises and insight, this project should be mandatory listening for songwriters, emcees and poets in this area, as Silver is nothing short of a masterclass in all of those disciplines.  My ONLY gripe is that this is an EP, and not a full-legnth project, but this EP is incredibly powerful, which I cannot state enough.  Very glad to have stumbled upon this thanks to a recent Austin Chronicle article about Upper RealityAnastasia and Alesia Lanai (which, out of the 3, Upper Reality was the only one I was not familiar with).


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