Worldly Views :: Evan Moran Rises With ‘Phoenix’

Man… the end of 2016 seems to have a common theme, and that theme is awakening.  Artist after artist that I come across this winter seems to have a prime directive of opening the eyes, ears and minds of any listener they are able to reach.  Evan Moran, who normally is already pushing boundaries, just so happens to be another example of someone practicing this awakening principle.  Phoenix finds him on a sparse (but suprisingly heavy) beat produced by UMRU, and with a little help from Ascendant Apaulo, they proceed to tear into the concepts of closed-minds, witch hunts and other human injustices in some of the most captivating ways possible.  Think music indeed.  I am very much looking forward to the release of Faulty Intercessor, and with a little luck (and hard work on my part), you may even see a familiar name pop up on future Evan Moran material.


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