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Infinite Reflection :: ‘Tomorrow Is The Same As Yesterday’ Is Lo Fi Bliss From Kal

Evan Moran is a man of many talents.  After solidly establishing himself as a truly unique creative in the realm of independent southern hip hop, both lyrically and sonicly, Evan Moran is now taking time to explore different areas of production.  Via the pseudonym Kal, we have been treated to a short collection of lo fi beats titled tomorrow is the same as yesterday, and the mission statement that accompanies the album sets a wonderful tone for the project.  Yet another one of my friends making film score quality music… I hope this trend continues.


Sound Expansion :: Evan Moran’s ‘Romantic Feelings’ About Future Funk

It’s been documented several times on this blog that Evan Moran is not afraid to explore the boundaries of his creative energy.  Recently, he has started a journey down the road of future funk (think vaporwave, but at a higher bpm).  He’s knocked out a couple of songs already, but romantic feelings is his first foray into the visual accompaniment realm.  All of the earmarks of the genre are there… synth sounds, obscure samples from decades ago, and glitchy video from a random source, but Evan puts it all together like he’s been doing it for years.  While I hope this is not a departure from the other music he makes, I am excited to see where these journeys take him.


Worldly Views :: Evan Moran Rises With ‘Phoenix’

Man… the end of 2016 seems to have a common theme, and that theme is awakening.  Artist after artist that I come across this winter seems to have a prime directive of opening the eyes, ears and minds of any listener they are able to reach.  Evan Moran, who normally is already pushing boundaries, just so happens to be another example of someone practicing this awakening principle.  Phoenix finds him on a sparse (but suprisingly heavy) beat produced by UMRU, and with a little help from Ascendant Apaulo, they proceed to tear into the concepts of closed-minds, witch hunts and other human injustices in some of the most captivating ways possible.  Think music indeed.  I am very much looking forward to the release of Faulty Intercessor, and with a little luck (and hard work on my part), you may even see a familiar name pop up on future Evan Moran material.


Intimate Intricate :: ‘EMOR’ Now Available From Evan Moran


Evan Moran has never shied away from spilling his soul for the listener.  For those that appreciate true exploration of the self, the trials and tribulations we all face, and the search for some sort of understanding, Evan Moran is your spokesperson.  EMOR provides us a journey between deeply moody instrumentals and wholly introspective songs, all of which let us know that we’re not alone in this madness called life.  Show your love and support a true independent sonic philosopher.


Earth Movers :: Evan Moran’s ‘Terraform’ Video Arrives

Evan Moran just got shine on my site for the massive amounts of music he has released this month.  Little did I know that he and his roommate Ben Lieberman were cooking up some visual amazement for his single Terraform.  It just hit the internet today, and it’s a pretty dope piece of indie expressionism.  Dig it and dig it good!


Massive Output :: Evan Moran’s Busy August


Prolific is not a word that one should toss around lightly.  That being said, Baytown producer Evan Moran is going for one of the more prolific months of musical releases this August.  Evan has dropped 2 singles, and EP, and a full legnth project this month.  Check the resume’:


Speechless Beats :: ‘The Misadventures Of Mattress Mac’ By Evan Moran


Evan Moran is definitely a cool and interesting cat.  I met him through some of my mutual KTSW and Grid Squid friends, and we instantly realized that we were coming from very similar sources of inspiration in regards to both hip hop influence and musical influences in general.  Not long after that initial meeting, Evan started populating his Bandcamp page with albums.  They’re all definitely worth checking out, but one of my personal faves was The Misadventures of Mattress Mac.  A collection of older poetry instrumentals interspersed with new material, this beats only project will take you on a mini-musical journey of sorts.  Definitely digging the way Evan gets down on the production.. pretty sure you will too.