Natural High :: Anastasia Drops Straight Talk For ‘Ceiling’ Video

Austin-based artist Anastasia has been on a creative and personal climb over the past couple of years.  After hitting the ground running on the Austin live music scene, she decided that the cure for complacency was to challenge herself.  After some traveling, soul searching and intensive writing, Anastasia is back in the mix with new music that shows waves of the maturation she has gone undergone.  Ceiling is a reflection on love and allowing yourself to be taken in by the feeling, with an affirmation in the form of a rap to help close out the Ty On Da Track 2018 instrumental.  For the video, Fresco Filmz captures Anastasia as she essentially sits us down and talks straight to us, making the performance aspect extremely intimate, personal and full of honesty.  It’s definitely nice when an artist doesn’t put on airs, instead opting to let you in to their process and their state of mind.  I am happy for all of Anastasia‘s growth, and excited to see both what the future holds in store for her and what she has on deck for us.



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