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Business Casual :: Alesia Lani Drops Banger Single And Video “I Don’t Mind”

Reel Rap :: DotdotDotdotDotdot Drops A Bomb With ‘From Russia With Drugs’

When the homie DotdotDotdotDotdot hit me up super excited with a sneak preview of his upcoming opus From Russia With Drugs, I got excited myself.  This hypeness came from the fact that referring to any single one of his works as an opus seems redundant, as he never puts anything less than his all into the music he releases.  Still, I was not prepared at all for what From Russia With Drugs held in store for me… DotdotDotdotDotdot took the Prince Paul approach made famous in A Prince Among Thieves and essentially made what equates to an audio movie, and as difficult a task as that is to pull off, my man does a killer job of it.  Thanks to some vocal assistance from Alesia LaniPro Zay and Dray Yard, the project has a range of vocal textures, and with such an intriguing story enhanced by DotdotDotdotDotdot‘s stellar wordplay, this is a project you’d be foolish to skip.  Dig this one and dig it good.


Stepping Up :: Alesia Lani Aims To Wow TRCoA With ‘Pay Me No Mind’ Performance

The journey of Alesia Lani from striving R&B performer to a force on the scene continues to gain momentum as time moves forward.  This summer, she made an attempt at a huge step forward by taking part in an opportunity for a sizable grant from The Recording Conservatory of Austin.  Part of this attempt included an in-studio performance of Pay Me No Mind, a strong composition about how important respect is when it comes to love.  With the help of her band and backing singers (plus a little bit of narrative footage edited in), Alesia Lani blew the roof off of TRCoA‘s sound stage.  The performance is a fun one, and the confidence running throughout is truly inspiring.  Check it out, leave a like, share and comment, and be sure to keep supporting your local creatives!


Leading Voices :: Alesia Lani And Quinntin B. Smith Shine In ‘Along The Way’ Video

If you’re familiar with Austin‘s hip-hop and R&B scene, their are probably 2 names you’re familiar with by now : R&B powerhouse Alesia Lani and talented videographer Rob G.  These two have collaborated before on memorable videos, and this trend continues with Along The Way, a sincere and mellow rumination on the shared journey of connected souls.  The duet of Lani and guest Quinntin B. Smith work well together over Smith‘s production, and Rob G shows his skill level and tasteful eye by capturing shots that would fit into the canon of classic R&B music videos.  Another strong piece of work from a group of rising stars.


Beyond Measure :: Cha’Keeta B Releases ‘2Incomparable’ EP


After a successful video release last year for 2 Can Play That GameAustin-based emcee Cha’Keeta B steps into the release realm with a new EP, 2Incomparable.  Cha’Keeta B does a wonderful job of laying down empowering thoughts and observations with supreme confidence and delivery.  The production is on-point throughout the project, and guest appearances from Cat CarterLakreaNubia Emmon and Alesia Lani help round out the empowerment stance found on the album.  Cha’keeta B reminds me of newer female emcees such as Rhapsody, no doubt, but her voice is also reminiscent of Neb Luv from The 5 Footaz, both in her rhyme schemes and timbre.  This is definitely a strong way to start 2018… be sure to listen, share and support Cha’Keeta B in this venture, and always give props to your local artists.


Real Talk :: Alesia Lani, G-Jet And DVZN Media Bring ‘Intentions’ To Life

2017 has been all about putting in work and building towards big moves for Alesia Lani.  She’s been putting in work in the studio and on the promotional fronts, and the music video release/rollout of Intentions shows this.  When this collaboration with G-Jet (produced by Jon Deas) first hit Soundcloud, it definitely got some attention, and it showed a bit of growth and edge emerging in Alesia Lani‘s music.  Add a bit of DVZN Media‘s visual magic, and some choreography courtesy of Michelle Gomez that has me getting Aaliyah vibes, and you’ve got a money music video.  Big ups to Alesia Lani and her whole team on the moves being made.

Someone really needs to put together a music video reel for Austin 2017, because the output has been stellar on all genre fronts.


Honesty Policy :: Alesia Lani And G-Jet Explore ‘Intentions’

Alesia Lani has been a fixture on the Austin R&B scene for quite a few years, and it seems as if she has always had a goal to bring legitimacy to both her own career and the scene she represents.  With the release of her latest single, Intentions, it seems that she has found a new focus on growing herself and her presentation as an R&B singer.  Intentions has an air of maturity to it without seeming like it places her above anyone listening.  It has a very direct message (say what you mean, do what you say), and it fits perfectly over standout production from Kal V and Jon Keyz.  Add a wonderful guest verse from G-Jet, and you’ve got a radio-ready song that will hopefully make some positive noise for Alesia Lani.


For You :: Alesia Lani Shows You Love

A message from Alesia Lani to you, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Love You is a good old-fashioned R&B ballad, just like the kind we were all raised on.  Share this with your loved ones, and let them know they mean the world to you.


The Official :: Alesia Lani’s ‘First Impression’ CD Release Party

After lots of work, Austin songbird Alesia Lani has released her debut album First Impression.  A wonderfully reflective piece of art, the release was recently celebrated at Empire Control Room.  You can catch the album on all major platforms, including Spotify and iTunes, but definitely take a second to check out the celebration.


After Hours :: Jake Lloyd And Alesia Lani’s ‘I.B.U.W.M.G.F.’

Here’s a little something on the smoother side from Austin’s R&B scene.  This song is courtesy of soul singer Jake Lloyd, with an assist from songbird Alesia Lani.  Love can be a tricky game, but watch how these two navigate themselves through a triangle many of us have been through, all to the tune of a 48 Laws sonic masterpiece of a track.  Dig it, share it, and support your local singers.