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Cypher Season :: Cha’keeta B Curates #TheeATXCypher Sessions

Over the past couple of years, I’ve watched Cha’keeta B evolve from a raw talent into a figurehead for the Austin hip-hop movement.  Not only has she focused on her music and image, she’s done the same for a handful of others on the scene, allowing them chances to step out of their sphere and gain more exposure (and hopefully inspiring them to continue this cycle).  Her latest example of these efforts are a pair of YouTube videos she recently dropped dubbed Thee ATX Cypher (Pt. 1 and Pt. 2).

Pt. 1 features DJ E in the cut, with verses by Dot drop da beat2-4 OsoTone Brigante and CP Loony, while Pt. 2 finds DJ Tigre playing host to Cha’keeta BQueen DeelahCeCe Hustle and Marshe’.  Rob G Films uses a minimalist approach that is highly effective, allowing each group to set the tone with their cyphers and the wide range of topics that are hit.  Definitely check these out, like and comment on both, and share them around for others to enjoy.


Leading Voices :: Alesia Lani And Quinntin B. Smith Shine In ‘Along The Way’ Video

If you’re familiar with Austin‘s hip-hop and R&B scene, their are probably 2 names you’re familiar with by now : R&B powerhouse Alesia Lani and talented videographer Rob G.  These two have collaborated before on memorable videos, and this trend continues with Along The Way, a sincere and mellow rumination on the shared journey of connected souls.  The duet of Lani and guest Quinntin B. Smith work well together over Smith‘s production, and Rob G shows his skill level and tasteful eye by capturing shots that would fit into the canon of classic R&B music videos.  Another strong piece of work from a group of rising stars.