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Real Talk :: Alesia Lani, G-Jet And DVZN Media Bring ‘Intentions’ To Life

2017 has been all about putting in work and building towards big moves for Alesia Lani.  She’s been putting in work in the studio and on the promotional fronts, and the music video release/rollout of Intentions shows this.  When this collaboration with G-Jet (produced by Jon Deas) first hit Soundcloud, it definitely got some attention, and it showed a bit of growth and edge emerging in Alesia Lani‘s music.  Add a bit of DVZN Media‘s visual magic, and some choreography courtesy of Michelle Gomez that has me getting Aaliyah vibes, and you’ve got a money music video.  Big ups to Alesia Lani and her whole team on the moves being made.

Someone really needs to put together a music video reel for Austin 2017, because the output has been stellar on all genre fronts.



Deep Rooted :: Dubb Sicks Releases New Music Video For ‘Dolla $to’

You’d have a challenge on your hands finding a more humble and down to earth MC than Dubb Sicks.  Not many people really and truly embrace their city and their lifestyle in such an honest and forthright manner.  This time around, Dubb embraces the values of living the non-baller glamour life with Dolla $to.  He went to DVZN Media, and the quality of the work speaks for itself.  A banging track and vivid visuals are hard to beat at any level… yet another shining example of how central Texas is killing it in 2017.


Straight Talk :: The Mic Fiends Visualize ‘Precision Poetry’

When The Mic Fiends step up to the plate, you know you’re getting some quality factors in the rhymes you are receiving : knowledge, wordplay, confidence and experience just to name a few.  With Precision Poetry, we find the pairing kicking rhymes casually around Austin as well as at one of the final Strength In Numbers events (shout outs to some of the local talent and promotional heads making cameos in the video).  The rhymes are real, from the heart, and extremely meaningful.  Props to DVZN Media for knocking yet another music video out of the park.


Common Ground :: Joey Alpha Celebrates That ‘It All Makes Sense Now’

Joey Alpha, one half of the vocals for Slop Muskt, is a good-hearted man.  If the lead single from his upcoming project Tales From A Drifter, the beautiful meditation on equality titled It All Makes Sense Now, is any indication of what’s to come, we will soon all have audio proof of his good nature.  The track is a reflection on making attempts to be inclusive with those of all races, colors and creeds.  Throw in the fact that the dynamite team behind DVZN Media spent some time with Joey Alpha in downtown Austin capturing performance footage and handing out snowcones to those willing to dance, and you’ve got yourself a memorable music video.  Now, more than ever, is when we need messages of this kind, so please be sure to share this one with your friends, and especially with those you may not see eye to eye with.


Broadcast News :: Third Root & Reggie Coby’s ‘Reflection Of The Times’ Visualized

Growing up in the AustinSan Antonio corridor is a beautiful thing as a music fan.  Reflection of the Times, the lead single off of San Antonio-based hip hop outfit Third Root‘s upcoming release Libertad is a perfect example of that synergy.  The album is produced by Austin legend (and old friend) Adrian Quesada, and it features the guest vocal stylings of Reggie Coby.  The track in itself is exactly what it’s advertised as… vocalized thoughts on how the more things change, the more they stay they same, and why we cannot accept that.  Share this far and wide.


Naturally Progressive :: Mindz Of A Different Kind Visualizes ‘Astrophyziks’

I recently checked out Mindz of a Different Kind‘s latest release, Foursight, and as always, I was highly impressed with their work.  I’ve seen a handful of their videos in the past, and they’ve always been dope, with that old school Rap City aesthetic that got me into wanting to make music videos and films in the first place.  But man oh man, they’re coming out swinging with the visual elements this round.  DVZN Media got the call for the single Astrophysikz, and it’s ill as hell.  As my last video showed, I’m a huge fan of the pirate broadcast aesthetic, and the geniuses at DVZN Media nailed it.  Add some real raps over solid production, and you’ve got a winner.


Take Heed :: Crew54’s ‘M.G.M. (Calm Down Freestyle)

Crew54 is pretty much synonymous with dopeness in all forms of media these days.  MOS‘s DVZN Media is becoming a force to be reckoned with, so you know when it’s applied to a Crew54 track, the outcome will be pure quality.  They’re definitely bringing that boombap era look back for a new set of eyes and ears.  Keep up the good work, fellas.