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Inner Vision :: StormShadow Drops Jewels For ‘Recognize Your Enemy’

You’d think that after the completion of a project like The Mic Fiends, an MC would be content to ride the wave and rest on their laurels.  StormShadow, however, is not that type of MC.  In preparation of his upcoming solo release Rebel with ah CauseStorm has blessed us with a video for his latest single, Recognize Your Enemy.  Storm spits bars about his modus operandi of crafting dope rhymes and knowing who does or doesn’t have your best interest in mind, and he does it on top of a banger by Frank Moses (bka as N.I.P. Productions).  If this is an indication of what the full length will be about, best believe I’m ready to check it out.


Straight Talk :: The Mic Fiends Visualize ‘Precision Poetry’

When The Mic Fiends step up to the plate, you know you’re getting some quality factors in the rhymes you are receiving : knowledge, wordplay, confidence and experience just to name a few.  With Precision Poetry, we find the pairing kicking rhymes casually around Austin as well as at one of the final Strength In Numbers events (shout outs to some of the local talent and promotional heads making cameos in the video).  The rhymes are real, from the heart, and extremely meaningful.  Props to DVZN Media for knocking yet another music video out of the park.


Culture Elevated :: The Mic Fiends Unleash ‘Slang Lords’


Slang Lords, the debut collaboration from The Mic Fiends, is another perfect example of when two good elements combine to create something great.  StormShadow and Stress are both more than capable wordsmiths in their own right, but combined, these cats toss wordplay back and forth effortlessly over wisely chosen production.  The result is thought-provoking, head nod-inducing hip hop of the highest caliber.  Definitely not to be slept on.