Stepping Up :: Alesia Lani Aims To Wow TRCoA With ‘Pay Me No Mind’ Performance

The journey of Alesia Lani from striving R&B performer to a force on the scene continues to gain momentum as time moves forward.  This summer, she made an attempt at a huge step forward by taking part in an opportunity for a sizable grant from The Recording Conservatory of Austin.  Part of this attempt included an in-studio performance of Pay Me No Mind, a strong composition about how important respect is when it comes to love.  With the help of her band and backing singers (plus a little bit of narrative footage edited in), Alesia Lani blew the roof off of TRCoA‘s sound stage.  The performance is a fun one, and the confidence running throughout is truly inspiring.  Check it out, leave a like, share and comment, and be sure to keep supporting your local creatives!



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