Recharge Zone :: Cory Mann Makes A Call To Humanity With ‘Sacred Springs’ Video

San Marcos-based performer and nature enthusiast Cory Mann recently collaborated with videographers Konstantin Belyshev and Paul Dubiel to make a plea to everyone who enjoys the natural resources that are the San Marcos river and the Edwards Aquifer zone.  As many in the area know, population growth and rapid development in the area have left a mark on the ecosystem.  Cory, in particular, took the time on Sacred Springs to educate people on the fact that pollution on the river has an effect on the recharge zones in the area, which in turn disrupts the flow of streams and rivers, which disrupts the Edwards Aquifer, the artesian zones, and the natural life (some of it endangered) that exists off of that flow.  Growth and change are natural, but we as humans must be mindful of the impact that we leave as we continue along with that growth and change, because that impact affects us all.



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