Muscle Memory :: Virgil Wolfe And Daroundhero Reconnect For ‘It’s Just Distance’


Virgil Wolfe and Big Lo have been on a songwriting tear recently, so a new track from that neck of the woods is no surprise.  What makes It’s Just Distance so special is that it marks the first collaboration between Virgil Wolfe and Daroundhero in nearly a decade.  The energy between these two on the track is kinetic, and with Big Lo‘s off-kilter jazz-influenced beat as the driving force, the two emcees trade bars and hook duty as good as the cats from Project Blowed used to get down.  Tracks like these remind me of my transition from fan to artist in the early to mid-1990’s, strictly because tracks like these, tracks with so much love emanating from them, being performed by people in very similar situations to myself, let me know that the only hurdle to creative expression was a personal one.  Hopefully this collaboration between these old friends is not a one-off, and we don’t have to wait another eight years for a follow-up track.  Definitely check this one out, share it around, and leave it a like and/or comment.



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